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Efficient learners are not only passive receivers of knowledge; they also build their knowledge and skills through their interaction with the environment, which is not only a classroom full of schoolmates and a teacher. This can be achieved only if a learning environment is provided, where the classroom and the timetable do not interfere with the creative learning process.

The theme section Open learning welcomes all who want to present their experiences about

  • – organizing learning without time and space limitations,
  • – establishing open learning environment providing independent learning,
  • – planning responsible learning by means of a mentor, a peer or any other professional outside school,

and about what kind of technological environments are most suitable for this kind of learning.

Presentation form: PechaKucha

Presentation form in this section is PechaKucha. It is typical for the PechaKucha presentations that they comprise of exactly 20 slides. Each slide can be shown for no more than 20 seconds. After 20 seconds the next slide is presented automatically. The presenter’s speech has to follow the pace of the slides and the contents shown. In short, each speaker has 400 seconds available (20 slides X 20 seconds), i.e. 6 mins and 40 secs.

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