If we want to come towards our learners, we have to change ourselves.

The plenary speakers at SIRikt conferences in the past were always a step ahead of us: some of them in contents, some in communication, and some in information. We have always took the best from them; during their presentations we asked them questions and directed them with our comments, tweets and votes. When we were back to our environments, we changed, enriched, improved and smoothed our teaching practice to perfection.

The previous SIRikt conferences boast a number of well-known key speakers. This year it will be no different. They will present under the motto Let learning happen! They will share their knowledge and experiences about how to hand over the learning to learners, what open learning is, how to create learning and how to make learning creative – learning with better work, deeper insight and more cooperation.


Thursday, 6th October 2016 Friday, 7th October 2016